For Bookings call 07949 095067
For Bookings call 07949 095067

Terms and Conditions

Jay the Cabbie Cannot be held liable for traffic conditions/accidents/hold ups on the day of travel.

Jay the Cabbie Cannot be held liable for missed flights, missed appointments etc due to traffic, accidents, or adverse weather conditions.

If the circumstances are completely out of our control, unfortunately no refunds will be applied, this includes adverse weather, road traffic collisions, road closures etc.

Every effort will be made to complete the journey, but each instance will be risk assessed on its own merit.

Jay the Cabbie will suggest a time to leave, however, this will just be an estimated time based on normal driving conditions for the time of day, you are under no obligation to accept this time, and can suggest your own departure time. Again, due to the unpredictability of UK roads, no liability can be accepted should there be hold ups along the awway. 

Jay the Cabbie will provide a quoted price for your journey if the journey is outsideof  the Licensed Basildon Borough. Full details must be disclosed of the number of pick up and drop offs for an accurate quote to be provided, any deviations from the original information provided will be charged at the metered rate and will be payable on top of the quoted price.

Any journeys within the Basildon Borough must be on the meter and will be charged at the price shown.

For Airport Transfers, payment is required for both the outbound and return transfer on the outbound journey.

In the event of a breakdown, we will do our utmost to provide a suitable 3rd party provider, however, if this is not acheivable, no liability will be held.

On return transfers, Jay will check the flight details to try to keep waiting time for both parties at a minimum. If you hear of any delays, please wherever possible, notify Jay as soon as possible.


Any Cancellations require at least 48hrs notice. If notified prior to 48hrs before travel, no payment is required, Cancellations within 48hrs of travel require 50% of the quoted fare to be paid by bank transfer. Cancellations within 24hrs of travel require 100% of the quoted fare to be paid by bank transfer.

Jay the Cabbie does not usually require a deposit to be paid, however, if there has been a cancellation in the past 12 months, a 50% non-refundalble deposit will be required upon booking.

If there has been 2 or more instances of cancellation within the past 12 months, a 100% non-refundable deposit will be required.

Booking by email/text will always show a link to this website, and is considered confirmation of the booking. Jay the Cabbie will always confirm that you wish to make the booking, please do not expect a car to arrive if you havent confirmed the booking.

Please ensure waiting time is kept to a minimum, Jay the Cabbie will keep in contact with the person that made the booking via the number or email address provided in case of any delays of our part.


Thank you for your custom